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City of Lafayette
Streetscope Project

commercial SLF 6.jpg
commercial SLF 8.jpg
commercial SLF 7.jpg
commercial SLF 9.jpg

Communication Sub

Commercial SLF 3.jpg

Dumpster Enclosure

commercial SLF 4.jpg
Commercial SLF 2.jpg

1000ft Black Vinyl Coated Chain Link With Privacy Slats

commercial SLF 5.jpg

Lutheran High School

Softball Field

Commercial Grade Fence

lutheran fence 4.jpg
lutheran fence 2.jpg
lutheran fence 3.jpg

Senior Living Garden.
Shadow Box Horizontal Lattice Top

SLF commercial 2.jpg
SLF commercial.jpg


Beard Res pict 4.jpg
Beard Res pict 3.jpg
Beard Res pict 2.jpg
Beard Res pict 1.jpg
Beard chain link 2.jpg
Beard chain llink.jpg
2020 secure link 2.jpg
2020 secure link 3.jpg
2020 secure link.jpg

 4’ Alumi-Guard Ascot Fence in Avon

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